AAARRGH! PLEASE HELP!!! (Sort of off topic)


Sorry for shouting but I’m in a real fix!

Stupidly, I e-mailed a script from work to home using the incorrect encoding. Consequently the script (attachment) has come over with a Mime type of application/octet stream. Is there a way of decoding this file? Incidentally, in my haste I didn’t compress the file, so it was sent as a compiled script. Doh!

The problem is that I’m writing a script to embed Type 1 fonts into EPS files and was planning on hammering out all the error checking code this weekend. I’d really like to get this file decoded so I can crack on with it.

Absolutely any info, links, solutions, ideas or anything will be appreciated!

Sorry for being such an idiot! :oops:



As caretaker of ScriptBuilders, I’ve received several scripts that weren’t properly encoded. I’m sorry to say that I’ve never found a way to resurrect them. :cry:

I agree with Rob in this point, it’s so difficult recovering resource forks :frowning:
But you can always try Rosetta, suppossed to be the Father Of All Decoders :wink:

Also, it does exists a win program so popular to encode-decode files called “Wincode”, which could do the trick:

Good luck!

Ahhh, flip! (And other such terms of annoyance!)

That’ll teach me :frowning:

Thanks anyway, Rob.


Assuming you’re on OS9, every file has a creator code. Locate a “known” script that has the good creator code and type, and substitute those for the one that is bad.

After doing so, launch your script editor and open your newly changed script from the menu (ie: don’t try to double click after changing it).

You may have already attempted this, but felt it was worth mentioning.

Good Luck! :smiley:

Nah, no luck guys :cry:

Thanks for all your help, anyway. Seems this one’s just too far shot to be rescued! Darn it…

I didn’t think it would be so difficult to decode. Oh well, at least I won’t be doing that again!

Thanks once more,



Maybe you can get the script back out of your sent mail folder.


Well, I couldn’t get the darned attachment to decode so I paid the cab fare and went to work to copy the original file onto a Zip disk! That did the trick! :slight_smile:

Thanks once again for all the suggestions - it’s just a shame I couldn’t get any of them to work. Yes, I did try them all!

I did find an interesting site on my travels which may be worth looking at…

There seem to be all sorts of different things lurking on the site. Haven’t checked it properly but there may be something worthwhile…

Anyway, since I’ve got my script now, I’m off to implement the error checking code :slight_smile: