AArrgh. i need some help scripting Entourage 2004

Can someone tell me how to use applescript to create a new folder in Entourage? My goal is to create a script that will first make a new folder under my account then select the contents of the inbox and then apply a rule to that selection that moves mail older than 90 days to the newly created folder. But I cant even get passed the first freaking step. AArrgh. Any assistance would be greatly appreciateed!

You mean like this?

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
	make new folder with properties {name:"NewF"}
end tell

Exactly. That rocks! Now, what is the syntax to add additional properties to that new folder?

:slight_smile: OK, I got excited. its a comma. I know, my bad.

What do you think the propertiy variable would be to get that folder to be created under my exchange account versus showing up under “Folders on My Computer”?

I don’t have an exchange account, so I can’t answer. If you look at the dictionary and fiddle with this you may get it, but I’m just guessing…

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
	--	make new folder with properties {name:"NewF"}
	tell Exchange account "TheNameOfTheServer" -- Don't have an exchange account to test, may have to reference with "whose name is "TheNameOfTheServer""
		make new folder with properties {name:"NewF"} -- may want to put this inside the inbox folder?
	end tell
end tell

Oh, and maybe if you get the id of the exchage inbox folder, you could set the folder of folder “NewF” to it? Totally not sure about that one.