About Box Metal.

How can I edit the about boxes interface. My application uses the metal look and I was wondering how to do the same with the about box.

I’m not sure this is possible, right out of the gate.
The default about box is tied in pretty low, so you’re better off intercepting that menu item and creating a separate one from scratch the same way you do other windows.

Once you attach that menu item to your own custom commands, it will be yours for tinkering, circumventing the default about box behavior.

This also makes it easier to add buttons for going to a product website or for submitting feedback, displaying registration information, etc. Very handy. I’ve tweaked my default AS Studio template (Macintosh HD:Developer:ProjectBuilder Extras:Project Templates:Application:AppleScript Application:) to automatically add an “about” window to the NIB (as well as a progress, pref, and main windows) plus a bunch of useful default subroutines in the main AppleScript, and even the default plist so it uses my preferred version and copyright info. You can also set the default AppleScript names and properties for the elements in your NIB but you’ll have to manually check the default script to connect them all after your new project is built. All in all, though, this saves a huge amount of time when creating new apps.