Access dragged text objects

It’s possible to read/access dragged text objects, if dropped on an Applescript application?
AppleScriptObjC should be able to do it… If I understood right :rolleyes:

If you mean selecting some text in another application and dragging it to a window belonging to an app written in AppleScript, then yes it is. But the app will need to be written in Xcode, and handling dropped text is a reasonably complex process.

I like the concept to select text on my phone and to share it.

On my Mac, this could be accomplished by reading the clipboard data…but IMO, drag and drop is much more intuitive. Let’s say i wanna drop text from my browser or any other Mac application to my Bluetooth assistant:

Bluetooth Assistant-CodeExchange

…this assistant in return, deliver the dragged text to another phone. Let’s say a phone running Android.

Years ago I struggled to get selected text in Preview as it is very nested in the window structure, and this structure gets no simplification over the years, but smaller changes. Anyway.
Scripting needs new commands IMO, like a mdfind but for retrieving deeply nested data, data difficult to fetch without smart tools.

Dragging selected text seems to be similar rock, but this time with a more advanced tool, ApplescriptObjC. Useless to spend time for that endeavour, Mr.Stanley?

The main difficulty is that writing an ASObjC-based application in Xcode is mostly undocumented, and can be relatively complicated.