access first lines

How to access the first 10 lines of the same applescript which is in execution itself?

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if you can find its path, you can use osa decompile from Satimage, extract the text, then pipe the text through the unix command head, and write it to a file, which you then read back into your script.

But you could store the script in a variable in the script, itself? (Not inlcluding the variable itself of course.) :smiley:


Good idea. But “osadecompile” is part of the Mac OS “Unix” installation and it writes to standard output, so the process is simply:

do shell script "osadecompile " & quoted form of POSIX path of (path to me)
-- Then get the paragraphs you need from the result.

Obviously this only works with the saved version of the script.

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How nice, that osadecompile is a part of Os X!

Apropos saved versions of scripts:

You can run snippets of Applescript from stickies, if you have the run script service installed, and this is more of a tip, than making a silly argument that the Stickie is saved, but that you can’t get the path of it.

It is great for small scripts, that you want to edit a little, and use in different contexts, as it would be to many of them, if you were to save them all. :

And while I am talking about Satimage: Smile is great in that you have those worksheets, where you can execute blocks of code. Well Smile is out of my range for that functionality, but recently, I have started to mark blocks in the Other editors I use, and I run the Run script service, to avoid all the small snippets with AppleScript, it works great really!

And speaking of snippets, while I am into this digression, often used snippets, like a “logit handler” have I put onto the shelf in Quicksilver, so I have it ready to just paste in, whenever I want to watch some state of a script, while it executes outside the editor.

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i got it, i love hot shells… :lol:

another little question: whats the difference between ‘the’ and ‘get’ ?
the’ doesn’t perform like ‘get
the’ seems to improve the human readability of applescript code only.

from AppleScript Language Guide:
AppleScript Keywords