Accounting with AppleScript & MySQL

Hi Folks,

at the moment I am doing my accounting with a mySql DB and PHP! Is there a possibility to build
an AS FrontEnd to connect to the DB?

How can AS handle the DB Syntax like “select * from table where …”

Thanks for your help!



MySQL is pretty easy to communicate with from a Studio application using do shell script and the MySQL command line instructions. A very in-depth set of handlers is available here:

You can also find some useful information in this thread.

I put together a small application that at one point pulls data from 3 tables in a MySQL database utilizing 2 nested queries and a couple of left joins, and it is amazingly fast considering the amount of information it grabs at once.

Good luck, let me know if you need any more specific assistance.

Hi Craig,

thanks a lot for your help…

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