Acrobat 7 and Security Settings

on open theFiles
repeat with q in theFiles
set thispdf to q as alias
tell application "Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Pr#2974C3"
open thispdf
******* set security of active doc to "printing150"*******
save active doc to file fileName
close active doc
end tell
end repeat	
end open

This is driving me nuts.
Here is the script, the line i can’t figure out is the one marked *******
(Note the checks and rest of script have been removed for this post).

All I want to do is drag a PDF file onto an Applescript to alter it’s security settings to a pre-defined policy. The dictionary does not mention the word security. I don’t want to approach Adobe beause they are idiots (experience, not prejudice). I’m guessing it should be as easy as one line but no joy yet.


Model: G5
Browser: Safari 312.6
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.3.9)


Not sure that what you want to do is scriptable.

your script is seeing the word “security” as a variable.

Looking at the dictionary i don’t think it can be done. ( But i’m often wrong.)

No term in the AS dictionary. There are however security options available in Javascript although I don’t know if they cover your particular requirment. There is also the otion to do this via batch sequence. Just edit the default one thats there or make a new one.

How is the Batch Processing activated from Applescript?
The purpose is not to have to click or select anything, just drag the PDF onto the Applescript application. It’s my understanding that you can only open the Batch Processing dialog and then haveto intervene, grumble grumble.

Secondly, how is the security altered from Javascript?
I’ve not worked with javascript in Acrobat since version 5 and then it was with added notes and populating fields. I didn;t know javascript could work with the security settings.

It’s seems stupid that even that old flea-ridden dog of an application Quark is more scriptable than Acrobat!

Did you ever get this to work. I would like to do the same thing.



Since my original post the macs have been upgraded to Tiger 10.4.10 and Adobe Acrobat 8. I have yet to look at the applescrit to see what, if anything, has been altered.

I am looking at the same scenerio. Acrobat 8 with OS 10.4.10.

If anybody has got any part of this done, I would love to see the code. Thanks.