acrobat automator folder action script?

Hi Everyone,

here is the workflow I want to achieve:

  1. pdf is dropped into a hot folder which then runs a folder action script (so far, so good)
  2. pdf is then opened in acrobat, then preflighted, then saved as eps using batch process or rejected if it fails preflight.

I need this as a fully automated process - any tips greatly appreciated!


You may want to do something like this first with Acrobat:

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional
  2. Go to Advanced>Preflight…
  3. Select a profile (i.e Compatible with Acrobat 3)
  4. Click the Options button and select Create Preflight Droplet…
    a. Optional - Make your choice of to move the file if you so desire in the “On Success:” section
    b. Optional - Make your choice of to move the file if you so desire in the “On Error:” section
  5. Uncheck “Display a summary PDF with a list of files for which Preflight found errors or warnings.”
  6. Click the “Save…” button
  7. In the “Save as droplet” dialog change the name or not, and click the “Save” button. Make sure that you save it to where you want the file to be located.
    **WARNING: Save this file to the EXACT spot that you will have it for you workflow otherwise it will error out.

Next with the Automator steps:

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat Professional
  2. Find Finder Items:
    a. In the “Where:” field map to a folder
    b. In the “Whose” field set to:
    i. “Kind” + “Is” + “Document”
    ii. “Extension” + “Contains” + “pdf”
  3. Open with (i.e. Compatible with Acrobat
  4. Save the Automator file.

Next since Automator has the limitation that it can’t loop you need to convert your Automator file into an AppleScript applicaiton.

  1. Use the Automator Loop Utility to do the conversion.
  2. Place the new AppleScript Application in your startup or launch it when you want to process files.

Hope that this helps!