Acrobat batch import - scriptable ???

MacOS : 9.2.2 Applescript : 1.6 Mac : iMac 600 Acrobat : 5.0
I have 00’s of pdf files that I would like to be able to import into a single pdf file. I have tried to just record a script through the finder but the operation “insert pages” does not appear in the script. The recorded script opening pdf “Page1” then inserting pdf “Page2” and saving as completed pdf is as follows:
tell application “Finder” activate select file “Page1.pdf” of folder “Pdf test” of disk “Macintosh HD” open selection end tell tell application “Acrobat 5.0” activate select AVPageView “” close document “completed.pdf” saving <> end tell
NB. No insert pages reference
On viewing the Acrobat dictionary in Script Editor there is an “insert pages” command but I cannot work the syntax to get a result. What I ideally require is a script that I could drop a folder of pdf files onto and get the files to be inserted in sequence. (I have also tried importing these under windows, but although multiple files can be selected the sequence of import is not correct).
If anyone can give me a sample of how to use the insert pages command in a repeat scenario this would be ideal.
NB. I have downloaded the “PDF merge” script, but this fails to insert pages into each other for me. Instead in just opens all of the dropped files on individually.

when you say sequence, do you mean filename sequence?
I do a simalar thing.
you have to start with a PDF with one page, I use a header page that just says documents to follow try this:

set list_of_pdfs to list folder "hard disk:pdf folder:" without invisible as list
repeat with current_job in list_of_pdfs
tell application "Acrobat 4.0"
--this next bit took some doing and it's the only way I can get it to work, I would have liked to do it different but I have to have both docs open to get this to work. Someone proof me wrong and I will be very happy.---
open "hard disk:Blank pdf" --- make sure this file exist with the single page
open "hard disk:pdf folder:" & current_job --this will open first pdf in your folder
insert pages document 1 after 1 from document 2 starting with 1 number of pages 99
close all docs saving yes
end repeat

so what you should end up with is the pdf on your hard drive that started as one page should now contain all of the files.
Give it a blast
If you get stuck shout
Rick Kenny