Acrobat Forms/Applescript

I’m new to applescript, so this might be an easy thing to do. I have a form setup where I get a FDF file as an email attachment that I have to import back into the original PDF. I use entourage, and would like to automate everything. I can setup the mail client to run a script b/c all fdf files come from one address. I need the script to open the pdf file, import the fdf data, print it, close the pdf without saving, trash the imported fdf file, and then continue on with the next file in the folder. I tried using the record from the script editor, but no luck scripting acrobat. I can get all of the fdf files to save into one folder, but in the morning I might get 10 fdf files to import…its next the same, and all are the same filename. So I get liorder.fdf 1 and so on. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

I just took a look at the AS dictionnary of acrobat, and a command that might be useful is the execute: Execute the menu item as if the user clicked on it
execute reference – The menu item to execute apparently, acrobat is scriptable, but not recordable. Which makes it non-trivial for a beginner. unfortunately, i never scripted acrobat. i will however follow this thread with interest, interesting…
take care, karl