Acrobat Pro X "make new page after..."


Can’t seem to get my script working.

I’m trying to make a new blank page after every current page.

My script looks like this:

on open allFiles
	repeat with PDF in allFiles
		set NameOfFile to (name of (info for PDF))
		set KindOfFile to (name extension of (info for PDF))
		if KindOfFile is "pdf" then
			tell application "Adobe Acrobat Pro"
				open file PDF
				display dialog "Ready to splurge blanks all over " & NameOfFile
				set numpages to number of every page of document 1
				display dialog "There are " & numpages & " pages to insert blanks in to... "
				repeat with n from 1 to numpages
					set currentPage to n
					make new page after page currentPage
				end repeat
			end tell
			display dialog "THIS IS NOT A PDF"
		end if
	end repeat
end open

If anyone can tell my why the “make new page after page currentPage” isn’t working I’d be eternally grateful. I can get it to make new pages at the end of the file but the “after” location doesn’t seem to be working :frowning:

All the best