Acrobat webcapture


Being not very experienced in Applescript I ventured on creating a script to automate PDF-creation of web sites from Safari using Acrobat Standard 7.0.9. under Mac OS 10.4.8. But I can’t get Acrobat’s Applescript command “capture web page” to accept the URL handed over by Safari. I tried as follows:

tell application "Safari" 
set URL_1 to the URL of document 1 
end tell 
tell application "Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Standard" 
capture web page URL_1 into New Document
end tell 

When running this I get the following error message:

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Standard got an error: “” doesn’t understand the capture web page message.

I also tried inserting a URL as a string (i.e. “”), because according to the script- library a string is required, but I receive the same error message. Am I making a mistake in my script, or is the web capture script command not working properly? The pertinent entry in Acrobat’s Applescript library reads as follows:

Acrobat Web Capture Suite Acrobat Web Capture-specific event IDs and objects

capture web page v : Capture a web page (or pages) and convert them into an Acrobat document

capture web page [string] : URL to convert to PDF
into New Document/Current Document : the target file
[EntireSite boolean] : True if you want to capture the entire website. If true,
Levels, SameMachine, and SamePath are ignored
[Levels small integer] : Number of levels to descend.
[SameMachine boolean] : Stay on the same server while capturing.
[SamePath boolean] : Only get pages under the same path.
“> boolean : Returns true if the capturing could begin.


Just wanted to let you know that someone over at the Adobe Acrobat forum pointed me to this: It exactly does what I needed, although it is not a pure Applescript rather an Automator action including a script.