Activate Window

Hi Folks,

can you please help me to solve this issue?

As Startwindow I have window “startup” in my application - the settings are “visible on startup” - when I launch a new window with

show window "pin"

then this window can not be edited - only if I set this new window to active - but then I get a nsinternalscripterror(8)…

How can I solve this issue?



What are you trying to edit within the window? For example, if I had a hidden window titled “Window2,” and I wanted to set the content of a text field “Field1” in that window, I would…

set contents of text field "Field1" of window "Window2" to "someText"

That should work, unless that’s not exactly what you’re trying to do. Paste your code, and I can make some more suggestions.

Hi Masna,

thanks for your help!

set contents of text field …

is working, but pressing a button or adding some text is not…

but nevermind - I have decided to work with display dialog instead of entering my information into a window - alltought its not possible to have a display dialog with a hidden answer…

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Of course you can use display dialog with a hidden answer:

display dialog "enter something" default answer "1234" with hidden answer

Hi Stefan,

hidden answer is possible in Script Editor but not in Xcode…

Thanks for your help!

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Hi stefanl, Bosstone

“hidden answer is possible in Script Editor but not in Xcode…”

yes it is, select your text field, then “command 5”, this will bring up the " NSTextField Inspector"
select "NSSecure TextField.