activating System Events on remote machine problem

I am using an AS Studio app to send System Events commands to control another program on a different machine. It works fine once I get it going, but in order to make it work I have to run a System Events script locally on the remote machine, otherwise I get an error on the system running my AS Studio app saying the application is not running. I tell both the Finder and System Events on the remote machine to activate within my AS studio app, but it doesn’t work until I run a System Events script locally on the remote machine. How do I get things to “wake up” on the remote machine without having to run that local script? What am I missing? Any help much appreciated. Thanks. :slight_smile:

You’re not missing anything - for security reasons I suppose, you can’t make your script tell an application on a remote machine to do something using plain vanilla AppleScript.

Adam, there are indeed a few restrictions, but you can target applications on remote machines.
The syntax is a bit tricky, but it works. I’ve successfully added a few songs in iTunes on a remote machine
with a script on my local machine.

evandau’s problem is hard to solve without having any portion of code :wink: