AD - dsconfigad and do shell script - help please

I have developed some shell scripts to automate active directory binding and I’d like to create a GUI version using Applescript Studio. I need some help with the 'do shell script dsconfig …" string. What’s the correct format to get this working with the quotes? Here is the really long line below:

on clicked theObject

set theResult to(do shell script ("dsconfigad -a macname -u admin -ou "OU=Clients,OU=Apple,DC=lab,DC=local" -forest mclab.root -domain lab.local -multidomain enable -caching enable -localhome enable -mountstyle smb -localhome enable -multidomain enable -preferred tntpdc.lab.local -groups "TDOM5domain admins,TDOM5enterprise admins"") with administrator privileges) as string

set the contents of text view "output" of scroll view "output" of window "main" to theResult
set needs display of text view "output" of scroll view "output" of window "main" to true

end clicked :?: :?

All I really need to solve with this command is how to format the applescript part of it so it works with the quotes already in the unix command. (double quotees, etc)

Please help. :?

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