Add a disclosure triangle button?

I’m a little puzzled as to how I might add a disclosure triangle button to my window that when toggled will hide or show a certain section of information. Like the Finder’s Inspector window, for example.

Is this even possible in AppleScript Studio? If so, could anyone describe how it’d be constructed or point me toward any examples where this is demonstrated?

I assume I’d add an “on clicked” handler for the button, but then how is that section of information loaded into the window and the container window dynamically resized?

Thanks in advance…

Name your disclosure button “disclosure” and attach the “clicked” handler in IB. Then, your script, add something like:

on clicked the_object 
     set object_name to name of the_object as string 
     if object_name = "disclosure" then 
          if state of the_object = 0 then 
               set the_delta to 200 
               set the_delta to -200 
          end if 
          tell window of the_object 
               set {x1, y1, x2, y2} to bounds 
               set bounds to {x1, (y1 + the_delta), x2, y2} 
          end tell 
     end if 
end clicked


Is there a way to do that, but by moving the bottom edge up to cover things up. As it is, the thing i want to hide/show is at the bottom, and it stays visible, but some of the top gets hidden. Thanks for any help you can give me.

me too

The code I posted above does exactly what you want. You just need to change the settings for autosizing of the elements in the window via the size pane of the info palette in Interface Builder. For an example, see this demo project: