Add a (Finder) icon to an automator app


I did wrote an automator with a piece of Applescript for use as a service and as an app for in use in the finder toolbar.

How can I add an icon to that script and app info panel to show it in the service menu and in the finder toolbar?

In the past I did add/drop a new icon to the info window of the file, but it looks like that isn’t working anymore.

Any suggestions?

Hi, rvamerongen.
Most likely, you wrote not Automator, but Automator Quick Action (that is, special workflow named Service), and, plus, one script saved as app.
You can copy and paste manually badge of Finder from its info window to 1) info window of Automator Quick Action (which has .workflow file name extension, find it in Library/Workflows of your domain) and to 2) info window of your app file.
Or, you can use the script of Shane Stanley for this task. You can find it on our site. HERE

Yes of course, I did forget to write ‘action’ and an ‘Quick Action’ should be even better. Anyway I did save it also as an App.

I did try to copy paste it in de file info panel, but it show up as a generic png org jpg icon. Not the image it self.
Is this a security thing in macos?

I will check the link. Thank you.