add an accessory view to op;epanel

Hi all,

Is it possible to add an accessory view to an openPanel using ASOC without having to rely Shane’s myriadHelper’s categories… I successfully added an accessory to a window as a practice but, not sure on how to go about it with a panel.


As far as i know, no you can’t. The problem is that the only method you can call to display the nsopenpanel from ASOC directly has been deprecated in 10.6. The other requires blocks, which you can’t do in ASOC if memory serves.

This is why Shane has provided these classes to help go around this problem. You would need to do it in cocoa or modify Shane’s methods to add the view.

Unless someone else has an idea to make it work?

Browser: Safari 6533.18.5
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.7)

It’s not that it’s deprecated – the method still works. But at least under 10.6, there was a bug that meant you could only use it in ASObjC if you also added an Objective-C protocol defining your callback method signatures, and and Objective-C class that claimed to use the protocol. So if you’re going to be adding some Objective-C code anyway, it seemed more sensible to use code that also avoided the deprecated method altogether.

I’m curious why someone would not want to use Myriad Helpers, given that it’s just a matter of adding to the project. I wonder if this is the scripter’s mentality of striving for “vanilla” solutions – with Objective-C the approach is far more a case of avoiding reinventing the wheel.