Add ImageMagick to resources?


I have written a small app that takes multiple PDF files and combines them into 1 animated GIF. It can achieve this either via Photoshop or by using the ‘convert’ function of ImageMagick.

do shell script "convert -density 300 -resize 25% -delay 35 -loop 0 *.pdf animated.gif"

I would like to distribute this app to a few colleagues, but some will have Photoshop but most will not. None of them will have ImageMagick installed, but I would like to use this as the fall back option if Photoshop is missing.

Is it possible to bundle various folders and utilities from the usr/bin/ folders (or wherever) so that the ‘convert’ function still works on a Mac with no ImageMagick installed? (Mac Developer tools will not be installed either.) Is it practical file size wise? (I installed ImageMagick via Macports)

If not, is there an alternative using either built in system commands (SIPS?) or more easily portable image utilities?

Many thanks for any help or advice