add text to a variable

how can I add text to a variable??
for example:

set variable 1 to “hello”
then I need to add the word “world” to variable1
the result would be: “hello world”

I tried to do the following:
variable1 = variable1 + “world” but it does not work!
it displays an error message saying that the variable1 cant be converted to text

please help!

set var1 to "hello"
set var1 to var1 & " world"
display dialog var1

dont use math for string functions :slight_smile:

set myVar to "Hello"
set aDifferentVariable to "the End."

set myVar to myVar & " a string," & " another string, " & aDifferentVariable
display dialog myVar

this returns "Hello a string, another string the End.