Adding a .icns file as an icon for my script....

Hi guys,

Well, thanks to God, I’ve done my script! :slight_smile: Now, the last part is that I need an icon to change the custom script icon (which is double-clickable) to a .icns file which I have. How do I do that without creating dependencies?

Thanks and God bless! :slight_smile:



If you save your script as an Application bundle, then you will find an icon named applet.icns in its Resources folder. Just right-click on the saved script, choose to Show Package Contents and then find the icns icon file right here:

Now replace the existing applet.icns file with the one you want to use for your script, but use the same file name: applet.icns

This should do the job.

Hi, I opened another post about this already, but I tried this, and it works well with Tiger and Leopard, however, it doesn’t work with Panther. I need my utility to be cross-platform through all her platforms. Please help.

Thanks and God bless.


Sorry if I’m way off here, but what I do is

  1. Go to the file which is the icon. Open Apple - I. Then select the icon at the top left. Open Apple - C.
  2. Go to the app whose icon you wish to change. Open Apple - I. Select the icon at the top left. Open Apple - V.