Adding Information to an NSTableView

I have:

tell table column "C" of table view "view" of window "diskwin"
		set the contents of the cell  to "text"
end tell

but it wont work :cry:

Not a light work!

Perhaps you may take a look to the sample called “Table” at /Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio/Table/…

The way on how you invoke a cell may depend on if you’re working with a data source or not, the structure of your project and so on… The syntax could be anything such as:

set contents of data cell "name" of data row x of data source of table view y of scroll view z of window alpha to "whatever"

But this implies you’ve defined a data source for such table view…


nevermind, i figured it out myself… I was looking at that table example you mentioned for months now, but i only just bothered to look at the one that said “WithoutdataSource”