Adding keyboard commands to Scripts in Quark 6


This forum has helped me out with my problematic applescript (thankyou Nedloh99).

Now that it works I wonder how I can add a keyboard command to it.

When I was in Quark 4 classic, I had an extension called OSA menu so that the scripts appeared in the menubar. Now if I had a script I wanted to run in Quark 4 I would, for example, add at the end of the filename of the script 19+O and this would translate to option-shift-9 to run the script in Quark 4. This appears not to do this in Quark 6. I’m not sure whether OSA menu allowed the keyboard command to work or System 9.

Anybody know how I can add keyboard commands to my Quark 6 scripts?

Thanks to everyone whose tried to work this question out but it has now been solved. There is an application you can get called FastScripts which adds itself to the menu bar and you assign keyboard short-cuts to any of your scripts.

Go to to be able to download it. :smiley: