Adding Multiple Items to an InDesign Frame


I am trying to find a way of adding more than one item to an InDesign (CS5+) text frame at the same time? Or maybe even appending an item to a Frame which already contains content. Does any body have any idea how to do this?

Many Thanks,
Guy W

Sure to append text, you can set the insertion point to -1 to be at the end of text. Then you can set the font and style, and whatever content you need.

tell theDoc
	tell (item 1 of all page items whose label is "tracking number box") --or however you want to reference it
		tell insertion point -1
			set applied font to "ITC Franklin Gothic Std"
			set font style to "Demi Condensed"
			set point size to 8.5
			set contents to "my new text here"
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

I don’t know how to add “multiple things at once”. Really, you’d probably repeat through the items you want to add and just keep adding them at the end -OR- you concatenate them all into one text string first, and then just add the one text object to a frame.