Adding scripts and controllers.

From what I’ve seen in Xcode and IB each script has a blue cube attached to it, I can add a cube and create a script but how do I link the 2 up?

Select the cube, go to the Inspector’s Identity panel, and enter the class’s name in the Class field.

Something that annoyingly simple had to have been made by Apple, thank you XD

I have a problem calling a subroutine between classes, to trigger the error click insert for display dialog with text highlighted in AS Editor, look at the log, the problem is in subinsert in displaydialogcontroller activating subselchk in dialog_makerappdelegate. I would be so grateful for an answer, thanks. :slight_smile:

If it asks for a password put anything in.

If you want to call handlers in other classes, you have to follow Obj-C naming conventions. Your handler takes two arguments, so it needs two underscores in its name – eg, subselchk__. You will also have to coerce the arguments in the handler, as well as the result in the calling code. See my posting somewhere here about this very issue a little while back.

Thanks alot :slight_smile: I thought those rules only applied to cocoa.