adding security to PDFs

Hi Folks-

I’m trying to enable security on PDFs generated by Adobe Indesign CS3. I’d be content with either the ability to affect this when exporting from InDesign, as a second step involving an Acrobat script, or lastly, using a third-party PDF tool. I haven’t found anything in the documentation Adobe provides, or the Applescript Dictionaries.



Hi Ralph,

You should be able to apply all your security options from within InDesign, you need to look at PDF export preferences within the InDesign dictionary. Here are some examples I use, hope it helps!

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
	tell PDF export preferences
		set acrobat compatibility to acrobat 4 --> create a 1.3 pdf
		set use security to true
		set disallow changing to true
		set disallow copying to true
		set disallow document assembly to true
		set disallow extraction for accessibility to true
		set disallow form fill in to true
		set disallow notes to true
		set disallow hi res printing to true
	end tell
end tell


Thanks Nik-

I missed that in my perusing of the dictionary. I have CS3, but it works great!