Addings buttons to a text view/scroll view

Hi all,

I’m trying to create some buttons programatically in a text view.

can anyone provide assistance… all I’m getting are errors

tell text view 1 of scroll view “groupNames” of window “main”
set contents to make new button with properties (title:“testing”, button type:on off button, visible: true, state:true, transparent: false}
end tell

I want to create a list of check boxes like in isync (selecting calendars to sync)

To the best of my knowledge, you can’t make new buttons (or any new interface elements) programmatically. What you can do, however, is to create a table view with two columns. Set the data cell of the first column to include a checkbox formatter and set the second column to the name of whatever it is you want the checkbox to represent. Then you turn the checkboxes on and off by setting the contents of the first data cell of the corresponding data row to true or false (and read it as such to determin user input). You could also turn off the table column headers & scrollers and set the frame to none and background opacity to 0 so it doesn’t look like a table but simply a matrix of checkboxes.

For more information, take a look at my demo project:



Thanks very much… that’s exactly what I was looking for…

Just one little question… how do I set first column to have check boxes??


never mind I’ve figured it out now… I had a messed up nib file.