address book issues


I have no idea if I am doing the right thing by posting this here, but I have to give it a shot 'cause my boss wants me to…

I am trying to make it so address book will do two things Apple clearly forgot about when they created the application.

  1. I want to print labels with the Name of the contact as well as the Company Name.
  2. I want to print labels on specific address sheets (ex. I have an Avery label sheet and I’ve already used 20 lables so I need to print one label on the 3rd column, 2nd row… or whatever)

My last option before ripping my hair out is to see if there are some kindly people who know how to do applescripts that can help me out.

Any information in a positive direction would be much appreciated.

T Miner

You’re right, AB doesn’t print labels, but it WILL export it’s information. You could import that into Entorage and then feed it into Word or another program with nice label printing tools.

Oh, and don’t rip your hair out. Tell your boss to send you to a scripting class or hire a freelance scripter for these sorts of projects.