Address Book, tabbed export, handling return in the text

I’m trying to setting up an export of Apple’s Address Book into a tab delimited text doc so I can wrangle a printable format that, for my office luddites, is useable. Nothing I’ve found thus far (AB Reports comes close, but I want phonecard formatting with more record info than it will allow) works for us.

My trouble spot seems to be the handling of two areas: the street address and Notes when they contain a return.

For instance, in AB:
street address field cell contains:

123 My Street, #303 return
Mason Building, 3rd Floor

Obviously, the return is read by the text document and that blows the tabbed formatting alignment out of the water because it starts a new line (ie, a ‘new’ entry).

I’m not married to tabbed output, it just seemed like the easiest format to deal with, so workarounds/ideas that included a different approach would be fine to suggest. Right now I’m taking the data into Word via a Data Merge to get the layout/printed output I want. This approach could change since I’m not altogether happy with some of the limitations in there, either…but I don’t know that I’m capable of another approach just yet.
Thanks! Michael

Hi Michael,

have you also tried Export Address Book