Addressbook: Emailing Group with NON apple mail apps

In os x addressbook you can’t seem to send a group email to non OS X apple mail applications. Is there a way to accomplish this with an applescript.

thanks for your help.

Do you have a particular email application in mind?

Thunderbird or Eudora



I am unfamiliar with either of those programs, but this script will extract all the email addresses of a chosen group in Address Book:

tell application "Address Book"
	set gp_list to the name of every group
	set a to the value of email of every person in group (item 1 of (choose from list gp_list))
end tell

You now have a list (a) that contains all the email addresses of whichever group you choose from the list. As long as either Thunderbird or Eudora are scriptable, you should be able to take that list of addresses and create a broadcast email message. If you are unsure of how to proceed from here, consider generating a new post with more explicit information about which app you want in the topic line, and I am confident someone will come forward and help out that is familiar with that program.


I just found this thread that may be helpful.