Adium-Getting the last message recieved.

I am trying to get the message last sent to me through adium chat server into a variable. Can this be done?

Library references:

content message‚n [inh. content > item] : A content object containing a message to or from a chat. Inherits from content.
is autoreply (boolean) : Is this message an automatic reply?

interface controller‚n [inh. item] : The interfaceController, which manages the interface presented to the user.
active chat (chat) : The chat which most recently had focus.

content‚n [inh. item] : A basic unit of content.
content chat (chat) : The chat in which this content resides.
content date (date, r/o) : The date this content was received.
destination (list object, r/o) : The destination of this content.
HTML message (Unicode text) : The message of this content, in HTML.
is outgoing (boolean, r/o) : Is this content outgoing?.
plainText message (Unicode text) : The message of this content, in plain text (losing all formatting and embedded information).
should display (boolean) : Should this message be displayed in its chat?
should filter (boolean) : Should this message be filtered by message filters?
should send (boolean) : Should this message be sent? This is relevant only if it isOutgoing is TRUE.
should track (boolean) : Should this message be tracked? For example, should Adium alert the user if it has not been viewed?
source (list object, r/o) : The source of this content.

Help, no matter how touch and go is appriciated.