Adobe InDesign CS6 - How to show a specific page?

I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to navigate to a certain page in a document. Show, View, Reveal, Go To “ nothing works. Does anybody know how to do this seemingly simple thing?

I have some text selected. (A different program told InDesign to select paragraph # of the main story.) I’m able to get the page number that the text is on. I would like to view that page in the window so that it’s sized to fit in the window. Or to fit the spread that it’s on into the window.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi. To my knowledge, there is no facility to do this directly. Show is for links”not pages. A workaround could be to place an image at the destination, resize it to the page, show, and then destroy it.

Thanks, Marc. That there is no direct way to do this is pretty close to unbelievable! But your workaround is very clever, I will explore that idea.

You need to address the front layout window, like this:

tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2017"
	set active page of layout window 1 to page 10 of document 1
end tell

That’s neat, Shane. I never thought to use the layout window, but an apparent advantage over my suggestion is that you may also set a zoom percentage.

Yes, and it’s easy to forget that you can have multiple windows showing the same document, which means separate selections and so on.

Hey Shane, that works great in CS6! Thanks to Marc for the zoom suggestion as well. Very useful, THANKS!