Advice for creating 'well written' applications.


I’ve just discovered applescript and I’d like to share my scripts with the world, and release them on my site saved as applications so novices can just use them. Is there any good practice advice you can give me? For example, I don’t have any error handling in my scripts, etc.

Finally, will an applescript app run on any os x machine or do they have to have “turned applescript on” in advance?


I think you can spend about 20 hours making your code smart against 1 hour writing the base-code… You may need a easy-to-use interface, lots of error handling, etc. Keep in mind that a bunch of users will introduce their name in the text field thougth for their ages and this kind of human behaviours. So, all we need is a good idea, fast and reliable code, and a nice UI.
AppleScript is installed by default in all machines, and deactivating it is very “dangerous” and involves messing the “untouchable” System directory.
Anyway, what works in 10.3 can work or not under 10.1, depending on the resources you use in your script: scripting additions, command-line tools, features in 10.3 not present in 10.1…