AEMachUtils.cp - "Send port for process has no send right" error/message

Hi Everyone,

I have an app which is using the ScriptingBridge framework to interact with iTunes, and I’ve noticed that I am getting a lot of messages in the system log for something that I don’t quite understand. Here’s what I’m seeing:

This above message gets logged numerous times in the system log, and I don’t think I have identified everywhere in my code that causes this message to be logged, but I have definitely found one section that causes it to occur:

-- this is in a handler which is called repeatedly by a repeating NSTimer
set currentTrack to iTunesAppObject's |currentTrack|()
set currentTrackArt to currentTrack's artworks()'s lastObject()
set currentTrackArtData to current application's NSImage's alloc()'s initWithData_((currentTrackArt's rawData())) -- This line right here causes the message to be logged

If anyone has any insight into why this message appears in the system log, I would greatly appreciate an explanation. Oddly enough, the code runs just fine/as expected despite this message being logged repeatedly.

Thanks in advance