afp mount volume broken by tiger server?

Hello, all. I have happily been using the following mount volume snippet for months and months now:

tell application Finder
mount volume “afp://server.ip.address”
end tell

After installing Tiger server on our Xserve and upgrading my own machine to Mac OS 10.4.9, it returns the following error:

“Finder got an error. File some object wasn’t found.”

Not sure what’s going on. Anyone experience this?

The command is wrong. You need to give it the name of the hard drive you want to mount too…

mount volume “afp://server.ip.address/the_hard_drive”

If that doesn’t fix it you can change “mount volume” to “open location”.

I have recently seen a similar error on my xServe running the latest update of Tiger Server and one particular mac running 10.4.9… but the error generates when using the manual connection… haven’t tried the mount volume command. Other 10.4.9 machines connect to the same Tiger Server just fine.

Has anyone seen this kind of issue?