.ai file to jpeg to email?

i saw there were some scripts for CS1 and CS2…anyone know of a script for CS3 to auto convert a .ai file to a .jpeg?

i can do a folder action for rest…but dont know how to do that first part

Hi Bluenote

try this:

tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
	set n to name of current document
	export current document as JPEG to ((path to desktop folder) & n as string) with options ¬
		{class:JPEG export options ¬
			, quality:60 ¬
			, blur:0.5 ¬
			, horizontal scaling:50.0 ¬
			, vertical scaling:50 ¬
			, matte:false}
	close current document saving no
end tell

look under illustrators jpeg export options in the dictionary for more or less options.
this should kinda give you an idea though!!