alarm on subscribed calendar

looking to attach an alarm to a iCal calendar and have everyone who subscribes to the calendar have the necessary script that will modify the times of certain events during the course of the year. Thought I had done this once, but can’t seem to replicate what I had done. I get the message… There was an unexpected error with the request (domain CalCalendarStorePersistenceErrorDomain / error 1 / description ‘Alarms that open files or scripts must include a file path.’). Not quite sure where I need to put the file path. Help??


anybody have any thoughts on this issue? I have sort of figured out the following…I have one script I made awhile ago that I can attach to the calendar I want people to subscribe to and as long as the script is in the appropriate location then it comes through when I subscribe to the calendar and runs fine. Here is some of the code in the calendar: ATTACH;VALUE=URI:file://localhost/Users/derlandson/Desktop/Refresh%20iCal%20Calendars.scpt

When I try making a new script and saving it to the desktop for example here is the code that is in the calendar ATTACH;ENCODING=BASE64;VALUE=BINARY;X-APPLE-FILENAME=Refresh iCal Calend
K//gABAp and it goes on!!! what is up with this???

any thoughts?

Maybe I’ll start a new thread with a different title since no one is jumping in with ideas here!! One new issue is that even though I have sort of resolved my path issue and gotten the alarm to now show up on the subscribed calendar, it does not run at the appointed time. Here is what the alarm part of the event looks like:


I made a calendar with one event, alarmed that event, uploaded (not published) the calendar to my server, subscribed to the calendar, then deleted the alarm on the original event and waited for the alarm to operate at the appropriate time…no go. iCal was open the whole time.