Alignment of DatePicker boxes and separator lines

I have built an interface with 8 DatePicker boxes grouped into 4 pairs. I have three horizontal lines, one in between each pair, which are stacked vertically. Although I can eyeball it pretty close, is there a method to provide perfect vertical alignment, so that the space (or distance) between each line is exactly the same, and each pair of DatePicker boxes are spaced precisely the same as the others? The native alignment guides keep them all arranged horizontally, so their sides are perfectly lined up, I am wondering where I can measure (or set) exact spacing of objects top to bottom.

You can use the alignment panel…
Main Menu > Layout > Alignment > Alignment Panel (Shift-Cmd-A)

It gives you a lot of basic alignment and grouping tools.

Perfect! Thanks a lot. I suppose I should spend more time looking around the menus…

You can also resize a single date picker whilst holding down option, to create a matrix with definable spacing.

Also, try selecting an object, holding down the option key, and hovering over other elements.