All of my event handlers have disappeared!

Hi, i had a search around and couldn’t find anything so I thought it time for my first post,

upon upgrading to xcode 3.1.2, I can no longer go into IB, select an object, go into the applescript tab and add an event handler as all the event handler checkboxes have disappeared.
I am in the process of downloading the latest Developer Tools, but i don’t think it’s that: i think i’ve got some weird setting or something stupid stopping them from appearing. It looks as if its just the objects just not being selected but i can go through the same process on a different mac and it works. Other than having xib’s rather than nibs nothing on the IB end has really changed.

Even when i create a new project there just not there?!
Anyone had any experience with this? or any idea’s?

I would upload a screenshot but i dont know how :confused:

Update has not helped, i really think this is something stupid…

I never heard of this before. Not sure what the problem could be. One thing I could suggest is create a new user account on your computer and try in that… maybe something is wrong with a preference file somewhere… a new user account would create all new preferences.

no joy although that was a good idea… I’m going to try updating another Mac to the latest Xcode and see if the same thing happens… Thanks, Marcus.

OK, updated the other Mac but that’s still got all the handlers… this is weird…

Just to let anyone know who might be following I installed OS X on a external firewire and use this as my development space, much cleaner. And i have event handlers!