Alternative to Calendar to run applets under Mavericks?

Since installing Mavericks, all of my [many, many] Calendar alarms/alerts that run automator or applescript applets, failed.
Each one had to be re-done.
But still, once I have one set in Calendar, if I need to make a change to the time the event sets, or even delete the event, the alert will run right at that moment.

This bug is really wracking things for me… on several different systems.

My hopes of Apple correcting the bug are dying. I have not seen a fix in 10.9.2 and it is really not tolerable.

Does anyone know of any other product out there that runs and actually works under Mavericks, that will run applets at given times?

Thank you!
Dee Dee

Thank you for this link!
This looks very promising.
I just sent an email to the developer to see if lingon will do all that I need.

You have no idea how perfect Calendar USED to be for our purposes…

Dee Dee