Always open .dmg files with an applescript...

I was wondering if anyone here new how to make the OSX Finder always open .dmg files with an applescript app that I’ve made. I’ve tried changing the “signature” with “ResEdit”, but when I select “Open with:” from the “Get Info” window (in the “Finder”), select my app and hit “Change All…” it won’t stick. It always changes the app I selected to the “Build profile info web page” script. Any ideas???

Any help is gretly appreciated, thanx in advance!!!

You may be able to modify the plist resource as well to be unique. Try looking up this problem on - I think they had a thread on this issue there.

Thanx for the reply Krioni!

This is not an “Apple Script Studio” project, so there’s not a info.plist file to muck with :frowning: I wish it were that simple. The only thing I’ve come up with so far is trying to change the resource information within this (standard) Applescript with ResEdit. I still can’t get the OSX Finder to recognize the changes though.

Thanx again for posting a reply and trying to help me figure this one out!!!

Um, I meant, open it with ResEdit and modify the plst RESOURCE - it should have one of those. I’ve got a handler applet called Yahoo Mailto Handler at that does this, I think. Check it out and see if it helps - but don’t use my identifier. :slight_smile:


You rock!!! Thank you sooo much for your time and information!!! Editing the signature in the plst resource worked like a charm :smiley:

Thanx again,