Thanks you all guys, if at least I had found this forum some days ago!!

Is this forum is forbidden for search engines??? It’s a crap that none of my search with google never lead me there.

A Google search for “applescript” shows this BBS as the second link found. Feel free to check out our other resources starting from our main page…



Most people who do searches related to applescript will be trying solve a particular problem. I know that is how I operate. In that case, to focus the seach I would put in something related to the problem that I was working on in applescript, for example:

applescript “table view”

Most searches like this do not pick up macscripters in the first few pages of results. Alternatively if you have found macscripters and you do a search on the bbs for

path to me

No matter how you enter it, (no quotes, double quoted, single quoted, all terms, any terms) the search returns a very large number of responses of which the first pageful or so do not have “path to me” as a single string anywhere in them, just the words, path, to and me somewhere in the post. I believe that I have asked questions that have already been answered on this bulletin board because I’d given up after twenty minutes or so of trying different ways to focus the search and going through the many results and just given up and asked the question.

I don’t know what the solution is for macscripters to make some of the keywords discussed in particular posts visible to google, but since it is on the bulletin board where problems get discussed and answered then it is going to be those posts that will greatly increase your hit count from google.

I really do appreciate, I think it is a wonderful source of information and I appreciate all the work that is put into it for free, but I also believe that hendy has a valid point.


ktam, yes that’s the problem. It’s probably even worse because I was using (as most people) standard search so “OR” only. And with applescript using common language words, even with Applescript in the search it’s often not cool. Probably Applescript AND ( word1 word2 ) will do a better job.