AMDescription of info.plist

How does one go about finding the bundle ids of similar or related actions to fill the AMDRelatedActions of a info.plist action?

(* AMDRelatedActions bundle ids go here. (optional) *)


Look for the installed actions on your computer in:

/Library/Automator or

There might even be some in /System/Library/Automator - I’m not running Tiger where I am writing this from so I can’t check.

If you can’t find the actions you are looking in those locations then you should be able to find the actions in the application package of the application that the actions belong to. I can’t remember which folder in the application package it is offhand.

Once you have found the actions, using finder, right/control click on the action and select view package contents. In the contents folder there is a file called info.plist. Open the info.plist file and look for a key called CFBundleIdentifier. The data associated with that key is what you will be looking for. Do this for each action.



Let me give a better example:


I had originally thought something like this would be in the “Preferences”
folder as a plist item. Nothing like that.
I guess that you just name it what ever the action is that is related,
like so.


The information you need is found in the info.plist file inside the action package itself, so you need to find where the actions that are related to your action first. Once you have found the actions you will have to get access to the package contents by selecting “Show Package Contents” from the contextual menu that you get by control clicking on the action in Finder.

The information will not be in any action related preference file.

That is why I had such a long description on how to find the actions, because you can only get the bundle identifier information from this file which should be inside every package.

I should have explained that bit a bit better at the beginning of my reply.


Got it. Thanks for the correct directions. I was kind of stumbling around confused.