an "on open" handler doesn't make the application a droplet !?

hi everyone,
i’m trying to create an application in ASS that will support the dropping of files on its icon.
i didn’t use AS droplet template, but instead built a regular AS application, and then manually connected “on open” and “on idle” handlers to the “file owner” and added code for them in the main script. however, this doesn’t seem to work, the app just won’t accept files dropped, neither on it’s icon in the finder nor on the icon of the running app in the dock.

is there any difference between the AS application and AS droplet templates except for the addition of “on open” and “on idle” handlers?

i’d really like to avoid having to start from scratch using the AS droplet template, since the application already contains an extensive nib file, custom cocoa classes, etc.

any idea?


It seems the droplet template sets up document types for you.

I believe your Info.plist file needs to end up containing something like this:

You’ll need to fill this information in somehow. To do this with Xcode, choose the Project menu, then choose Edit Active Target. In the resulting window, look for a Document Types table (this is under properties in Xcode 2.2);

Here’s a screenshot from a droplet-based project (opened in Xcode 2.2): droplet_document_types-16550.png

thanks Bruce,

i’ve actually given up on trying to figure it out, and started over, thinking it will take me less time…
but this useful piece of information should come in handy in the future.

ASS droplet feature really seems to be under-documented…