Animate Determinate Progress using Bindings

I set animation of progress bar, binding it to a property defined like:

property animationProgress: true

but animation don’t work.

Somebody have some suggestion?


Progress bars have no such property as animationProgress. Is it a determinate progress bar?

Using AppleScript Studio we usually set “uses threaded animation to true”.
Yes, is s a determinate progress. We would like that during update of progress the “blue wave” is moving.
Under bindings there is a “animate” property.


Then you shouldn’t find this too foreign:

tell progressBar to setUsesThreadedAnimation_(true)

Hi Shane,

OK. I defined a progressBar property connected in IB and all works good. Finally we have the “wave” :wink:
Can you confirm me that this property cannot be set using bindings?


That’s right, it can’t. But it can be set in Interface Builder. I’ve actually written something on this very topic recently – stay tuned for a day or so…

Go to and you will find a link to an article about animating progress bars.