animating field appearances in windows

So as I’m adding fields that are conditionally enabled, it occurs to me that what would be kind of nice is if the conditional fields didn’t “exist” at all until enabled, then the fields below them would slide down to reveal them as needed.

a) is this something the standard cocoa frameworks support?
b) if so, what’s involved in implementing it?

(this isn’t a hard requirement for the app, I just like the idea of not having to see fields one can’t actually use.)

Use a table view (NSTableView).

It can be drawn borderless and insertion and deletion of cells can be animated

oh neat. Can you do the same with hiding/revealing buttons and text fields?

i’m not sure if this is correct but try playing around with the CoreAnimations section.
I notice a section for transitions for subviews.
and some transitions like: move in, reveal, push

A view based table view cell can contain anything.