[ANN] 'AppleScriptObjC Explored' Turns Two

Just to let people know, the second edition of ‘AppleScriptObjC Explored’ is now available. Those who bought the first edition should have received an email detailing how to upgrade (if not, email me).

This is a substantial revision, with the book’s content up by more than 50%. New projects cover topics such as document-based applications and using WebKit to build a browser. The reference section includes new chapters on versioning and customizing templates, using tasks to run shell scripts, an extra chapter on gotchas, and a basic trouble-shooting guide.

The price is unchanged. For further details: http://www.macosxautomation.com/applescript/apps/

For anyone who is making any kind of advanced apps in ASOC, you need this book! Just last week I spent nearly 2 hours trying to deal with NSURL’s and paths. Lo and behold, in a chapter I hadn’t read yet there is a full explanation, plus OBJC classes I could have used right away. Plugged them into my app and voila, worked like advertised and so easy. (PS It does help that I do understand objc reasonably well to look at that code and see what it does.)
Shane, again I am really thankful for this great resource, including good write ups and sample code, plus all the objc classes and the myriad helpers now.
For those struggling, Go! Now! Buy the book! :smiley:

I totally agree with SuperMacGuy, this book is a must if you want to wrap your head around ASOC… It helped me tremendously to grasp the new possibilities and limits that are within this amazing new language. No way could I have finished my app in a reasonable amount of time without Shane’s book.

Also, Shane, I don’t know if you have anymore updates planned (or maybe other books) but I have some suggestions for advanced stuff like Bindings and connections in IB (like applying methods and paths, methods available already in connections, etc.), and maybe a few things no one has touched before like moving and fading in/out interface elements with core animation (whatever is in IB, and maybe also with the help of ObjC). I would also like to learn more about views, how to change them, use them in NSMenus, custom table cells (or custom cells in general), etc. You get the idea…

Thanks Shane again for this tremendous help your book has provided!

Thanks for the kind words. Apart from corrections, I’m not sure what the future holds for the book – I have to go back to trying to make a living :wink:

But I am working on an ASObjC-related utility app that might be of interest…

You’re welcome! You sure worked really hard on it. Well, whatever you have planned, if it’s as interesting as the book, i’m sure gonna be curious! :slight_smile:

Hi Shane

Excellent book.

I just bought it the other day, and so far it is easy to reading, and well explained.

Learning AppleScriptObjC without this book, would be hell…

I agree with everybody
It’s a very good book which is easy to read and undesstand !!

Thank you all. I’d just point out that a few gremlins got into chapter 20, so do check the errata Web page.