[ANN] ASObjC Explorer for Mavericks v3.2.0 available

Version 3.2 of ASObjC Explorer for Mavericks, the script editor built to take full advantage of AppleScriptObjC, is now available.

The two main new features are Apple event logging, similar to tradition AppleScript editor logging, in addition to Explorer’s own logging; and the ability to specify which thread scripts are run on, to facilitate debugging of scripts that use callbacks and times.

There are also a raft of scripting changes, several extra sample scripts, and improvements in several other areas.

You can read more here:


The page includes links to the updated sample scripts and details of the changes.

The scripting changes enable my favorite time-saver:

tell application id "au.com.myriad-com.ASObjC-Explorer"
	make new document
	tell document 1
		set calling source to calling source & linefeed & linefeed & "theLib's testIt()"
		set script source to script source & linefeed & linefeed & "on testIt()" & linefeed & tab & "testCodeHere" & linefeed & "end testIt"
		set compiledSource to script source
		tell me to set theOffset to offset of "testCodeHere" in compiledSource
		set main selection to {theOffset as text, 12}
	end tell
end tell

FYI, v3.2.1 is now available, either from the Web site or via the Check for Updates command. Details of changes are here: