[ann] Gooey Gadgets

I’ve posted a free scriptable app at http://sibr.com/blog/?p=24.

Currently, this faceless application only has one real command: display message window, which displays a Large Type message as seen in Address Book. Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll have a ‘display progress window’ command finished too.


That’s pretty cool! Is the actual application made in ASOC? If so, well… how?

The progress window command should be very useful command too when it’s done!


I had considered ASOC, but even with Apple’s RoundedTransparentWindow example, creating this type of window is slightly tricky. Additionally, I might port this over to another project I have, a Filemaker plug-in called bBox, and so it made sense to make it with Objective-C.

Yeah, a progress dialog is actually higher on my wish list than the message window command was. Although I have used a few alternatives, such as Python’s EasyDialogs library to plug this hole, I’d like to have something a bit more convenient that I can freely use.

I’ve updated the app to version 0.2.3, which now includes the display progress window and update window functions. Two demo files are also now included with the download.


Gooey Gadgets is now at version 0.37, and can now can create the following UI elements:

¢ Message Window: display a single line of text sized to fit across entire width of screen (like Address Book)
¢ Progress Window: window displaying a progress control and a cancel button
¢ Table Window: displays list data in a row & column format
¢ Text Window: for larger amounts of text that won’t fit in a typical dialog

Latest version still at http://sibr.com/downloads/Gooey%20Gadgets.zip