[ANN] Makarra Font Manager

Hi all!

If you haven’t found yet your font manager for OS X, perhaps you’d like take a look to this little app, entirely written in AStudio.
This is a beta version (1.0b2) and has been only tested under 10.2.3, but may run properly under any previous version of OS X.
Additional requirementes: X-Commands (http://www.kanzu.com)

This beta will expire on 30th january (just when X-Commands becomes “Extra Suites”), and I’ll try to compile a new version as soon as possible, to adaptate it to the renewed “Extra Suites”.

Comments and blah, blah, blah: j u l i f o s @ m a c . c o m

Oh! And not warranties and blah, blah, blah.

The link: http://files.macscripter.net/ScriptBuilders/MacOS-X/makarra.sit (50K)



This looks great JJ! I don’t have a lot of fonts to worry about but it works fine on my setup (OS X 10.2.3). :slight_smile: